Azsarenau Sochiyay Inkar Kijyay Kum Kijyay (Rethink, Refuse and Reduce)
Azsarenau Sochiyay Inkar Kijyay Kum Kijyay is the Urdu version of Rethink, Refuse and Reduce was launched at the National ESD Conference in March 2007 at Karachi. Originally authored by Ken Webster Rethink, Refuse and Reduce was published by the Field
Rethink, Refuse and Reduce
Studies Council in the United Kingdom in 2004, to address the issue of growing consumerism and waste management through ESD. The book was translated and adapted to Pakistani context by IUCNP in collaboration with UNESCO Islamabad and the Royal Netherlands Embassy (RNE). The publication focuses on the philosophical dimensions of sustainable development and also highlights the need for promoting ESD. The book not only gives a critical analysis of the current trends of development and the unsustainable practices being carried out in the world but also shows how high level thinking can be put into practical ideas leading to productive results.

The document highlights the need for introducing training programmes for teachers and trainers and their implementation in the classroom settings. The book was designed to interest students and teachers of higher secondary and tertiary levels, civil society organisations and training institutes due to its focus on promoting sustainable lifestyles through addressing the growing trend of consumerism.
Badin Education Plann (Urdu)
Education is the most neglected sector in the district and the District Government is trying to uplift the situation through effective and realistic planning. The District Education Plan 2005 is an effort of the District Education Board (DEB) which
Badin Education Plan
was established in February 2004. This document is presented as a planning tool which has been formulated based on an extensive situation analysis of the education sector and current available information regarding the district.. [Urdu version of Badin Education Plan]

Taleem Baraye Paidar Taraqqi  
This toolkit explains the concept of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), especially the historical background and its evolution under the 36th chapter of Agenda. The second part provides very useful and interesting activities for teachers which Taleem Barai Paidar Taraqqi
could be used in training workshops for the promotion of ESD.

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